Hello! I’m Tuong, a creative videographer, editor, and podcast producer formerly from Ottawa, Ontario (Now residing in Waterloo, ON). I received my education at Carleton University in the Science Department, but soon after graduating I realized that my true passion lay within video. For over 5 years, I have made the leap to exploring my creativity through video, editing, podcasting, improv, theater, film, and much more.  I am an enthusiastic, passionate, and determined individual with a motto to “be better” – constantly seeking to push myself to the next level. 

In a project, and in all things in life, I strive to achieve excellence.  I have worked for a wide variety of clients and have a rich/diverse body of work (which include corporate, nonprofit, music, large events, sketch, weddings, and more). If you have professional, personal, or creative project needs please feel free to contact me and we can work together to create something excellent that will leave you with no regrets!


Multimedia Producer at the Improv Embassy (www.improvembassy.com)


Carleton University – Ottawa, ON

Bachelor of Science Major in Psychology with a minor in Biology – Highest Honours

Audio Podcasting



Rogers TV